ChatVille: Chatroulette meets Facebook

Today when I opened my favorite instant messaging client, Digsby greeted me with an announcement: “We’re excited to announce the launch of ChatVille, a brand new Facebook game we created for discovering cool new people! ChatVille let’s [sic] you video chat with random Facebook users in a safe environment while earning compliments, unlocking badges, and leveling up in a race to become ChatVille Champion! PS: First one to unlock the Digsby Badge gets a free iPad!”

Naturally I tried it and quickly discovered a lot of bugs. Most of the time I click Next I get an error message: “Everyone is engaged in conversation. Chat with one of your Facebook Friends or click Next to try again.” That’s not fun! The only 10 people I’ve been able to connect to so far were all men. That’s also no fun, but not unexpected. I couldn’t figure out exactly how to improve my score and couldn’t find a guide anywhere.

Soon Adobe Flash Player began to crash my web browsers. All 3 of them. This problem persisted after uninstalling and reinstalling Flash Player and rebooting my PC. Now I can’t play the game at all because Flash Player crashes the browser immediately when the game loads, while Chatroulette still works just fine.

If this game worked, it could be the solution to the booming industry’s pervert infestation. Inappropriate conduct can get Facebook users banned from ChatVille quickly and permanently. But could this be enough of a difference from Chatroulette to achieve a lower male-to-female ratio than CR’s 9-to-1?

Try it yourself: